The 20 Concepts does for PTSD what the 12 Steps does for addicts and  alcoholics. When most people hear the words, Post Traumatic Stress  Disorder they think of war veterans. Very few realize that they may have  the disorder as a result of early childhood attachment conflicts or  traumatic events experienced throughout life. 


Julie Valenti is the Owner and Program Director of Wisdom and Recovery:  Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit. 

She graduated with a Certificate in Addiction Studies from JFK University  of Psychology in Orinda, California, and studied psychological trauma at  the Ross Institute.   Julie has developed a “20 Concepts” approach to  treat those struggling with PTSD due to childhood trauma.  She has  written and facilitates educational classes, workshops and support  groups offering guidance to Individuals, couples and families. The  positive results her clients have experienced from the program, as well  as her own personal recovery from childhood trauma, has led her to write  a book titled “Knowing How”-20 Concepts to Rewire the Brain, which is  available on Amazon. Julie is also a Certified Hypnotherapist,  innovative speaker and an Ordained Minister. In-person, Skype, and  FaceTime sessions, as well as webinars allow Julie to help clients  across the U.S. and internationally.



Advances in the field of psychological trauma, brain function, and  attachment suggest that habitual patterns of thought and ineffectual  behavioral strategies are deeply rooted in our childhood.

At Wisdom and Recovery, we work to integrate brain research with the  mind/body connectedness, including the exploration of spiritual  principles and mindfulness. We provide insight-oriented techniques that  can help rewire the brain to bring about positive change.

Educational classes, workshops, and support groups further enhance  the program and promote self-care and personal growth which helps our  clients achieve their highest potential. The program is unique,  holistic, and most importantly effective.