In Physician Suicide Letters—Answered, Dr. Wible exposes the  pervasive and largely hidden medical culture of bullying, hazing, and  abuse that claims the lives of countless medical students, doctors, and  patients. Now—for the first time released to the public—here are private  letters and last words from our doctors who could no longer bear the  pain of an abusive medical system. What you don’t know about medical  training and culture can kill you. Dr. Wible takes you behind the white  coat and into the mind, heart, and soul of our doctors—and provides  answers.


This book includes real suicide letters—the last words of medical  students and doctors. Also included are letters from surviving family  members, colleagues, and patients. Most letters are from actively  suicidal physicians seeking my help. All have been published with  permission. A few have been edited for clarity. Some names have been  changed upon request to safeguard the careers of those who have written  to me. 


Pamela Wible, M.D., is a family physician born into a family of  physicians. Her parents warned her not to pursue medicine. She followed  her heart only to discover that to heal  her patients she had to first heal her profes- sion. So she led a series  of town hall meetings inviting citizens to design the clinic of their  dreams. Celebrated since 2005, Wibleʼs pioneering model has sparked a  populist movement that has inspired Americans to create ideal clinics  and hospitals nationwide. Dr. Wible is author of the bestellers, Pet  Goats & Pap Smears and Physician Suicide Letters—Answered.