Change can be scary and intimidating. It’s all too easy to keep doing what you’re doing. But YOU have decided to take charge of your life and have found your way here! That is a HUGE step along the path to a happier and healthier you.  No more sitting on  the sidelines. You’re ready to find the best YOU, you can be! That  alone puts you on the road to success. There is no magic wand, and it  will take some work, but you’re stronger than you know. Small steps lead to big changes! 


Before our first consultation, you will fill out a Health Survey to discover where you
are and where you want to be.

Next, we will schedule a meeting to discuss your findings and determine if working together is the right step on your path. If so, below you will find information about the options I offer to assist you on your  journey.

Change is constant, no matter how hard we try to keep things the  same. Sometimes we feel we are “safer” with the status quo. Sometimes we  experience a loss or trauma that makes us stuck. Been there, done that.   But, change has to happen when we decide we want something different for ourselves. 

With my help, that change will be guided and measured.  You will be excited once you see the results of your hard work. I will  hold your hand, but I also will push you to treat yourself with the  consideration and respect you deserve by changing what you have  determined is holding you back. When we are feeling our best we are capable of greatness. The world is waiting! Are you ready?!


I am a driven person who values results. 

My mission is to motivate and support growth and change. 

I am dedicated to providing the assistance a  person needs to facilitate improvements in their health and in their  lives. 

I am straightforward, honest and sincere in my interactions. 

I am very compassionate and understanding. I realize that we are all  individuals and have traveled our own personal paths to get where we are today. We have all experienced joys and heartbreaks that shape who we are, how we treat ourselves and others, and how we interact in our  world. 

I believe in treating each person with respect and care, and I  honor the experiences a person has to share. I do NOT believe that any person is of greater or lesser value, no matter their race, gender,  sexual orientation, level of education or income. I value those who treat others with kindness, no matter their differences. There is great  opportunity to learn from each other. 


I will provide the most relevant, powerful and useful information and support I can. But, I am merely the tour guide on your chosen journey to find the new, happier, healthier you! 

Your success on that journey depends on your level of commitment, motivation and willingness to let  go of habits that are holding you back and keeping you from being the  best you, you can be. 

Together we will replace those habits with new experiences, find the inner you that is waiting to shine, and develop new behaviors that will allow you to continue to move forward on your personal odyssey of growth and discovery. 

If you’re ready to do the work, you’re in the right place! 


You can hear my REAL radio show "Rockin' Your Health," on I'm heard Mondays at 1pm and 6pm, Tuesday through Friday at 4am, 1pm and 6pm and Saturday at 1pm, EST. "Rockin' Your Health" is also heard on WUBA 88.1FM in Alachua/High Springs at 4pm weekdays, EST.  

You can find my regular column "The Rock-N-Roll Health Chick" in every issue of  KUDZOO Magazine, Southern Music-Southern Food-Southern Thang, the Journal of Southern Rock N' Roll.   


As partners in your health, we will explore your goals in order to  address areas you feel are not working and are ready to change.

I will help you create simple, but powerful, steps to achieve those goals in a  measured and monitored way.

You will evaluate if those steps are, in fact, leading you to your desired change, and we will adjust wherever necessary to ensure your success.

I am your partner in health. I will help guide you on your chosen path. You are the one who determines your commitment and level of success.
In other words, I am the tour guide, but you choose the tour. 


I will be sharing valuable, health-centered information in a variety  of venues. 

Each setting and audience will determine the topics to be  covered. 

The information I provide will be based on what is most  beneficial and educational, and will facilitate the most healthy and enjoyable life-journey people are seeking. 

Please contact me if you are interested in adding an informative,  dynamic and entertaining health-centered presentation to your event or  group meeting. 

You can choose the topic or allow me to assess the needs of your audience.