Translating Your Success has a special meaning to Carlos J.  Malave, who grew up in a bilingual household, hearing Spanish from his  father and English from his mother. He learned at an early age that two  different words could have the same meaning.

As a child, he was a success at sports but lagged behind his  siblings in academics. After reflecting on his circumstances, Carlos  realized that he could succeed in school by applying the same principles  that made him a good athlete to being a good student. He translated his  success from one area of his life to another. And, as he grew older, he  applied these same principles to his life. His father had a drinking  problem, and Carlos had often asked him, “Why don’t you stop drinking?”  But he never asked him, “Why do you drink?” To solve a problem, one  first must determine its cause.

This approach is the basis of the three-step Malave method:  becoming “consciously fit,” turning happiness into a mind-set, and  learning to possess motivation. In each chapter, the author provides  exercises that lead to the self-awareness necessary to set your  long-term goals and to translate today’s successes into a joyful life.


"My purpose is to help people Consciously use their experiences to create a Jovial & Motivated lifestyle.”


Carlos J. Malave (SUNY Cortland Alumni Class of 2011) is the self-published author of Translating Your Success.

Along with being an author, Carlos is an educator, coach and mentor  that has taught in and worked with some of the top charter schools in  the country (Inwood Academy for Leadership, YES Prep & KIPP to name a few). His current role is as the Restorative Justice Coordinator at KIPP Houston High School. 

His work within KIPP and the Houston community has been featured on ABC 13 News. And in 2018, he has worked with Texas legislators to help draft and  pass a bill to implement Restorative Practices within schools in Texas  legislation.