Americans spend more money on health than people anywhere else in the world. And what do they get for it? statistically, not much.

Americans today live shorter, less healthy lives than citizens of other rich countries, and these trends show no signs of letting up. 

the problem, Sandro Galea agrues, is that Americans focus on the wrong things when they think about health. 


Sandro Galea, a doctor, a scientist, and an author, is dean and Robert  A. Knox Professor at Boston University School of Public Health. 

He  aspires to change the conversation on health. 

After receiving his medical degree from the University of Toronto,  Sandro traveled to Somalia through Doctors Without Borders. It was there  he had a defining realization. “…I got this feeling, like I’m standing  on the side of the river, pulling people out. I was doing that over and  over and over again. And I felt I was doing a lot of good, but I also  knew that once I left, the same thing would keep happening. So I really  wanted to understand who was throwing people in the river to begin  with.” This experience inspired him to switch careers, "leaving the  immediate gratification of medicine to labor in the vineyard of public  health."  

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